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Bliston Packaging contributes to the fast growing success of skin packaging.

Even though the introduction of skin packaging was started in the last century only recently has the consumer acceptance towards this packaging technology grown significantly. Also in the Netherlands the major packaging material suppliers as Bliston Packaging are gearing up towards this packaging concept with specifically engineered products such as skin-trays in various configurations and compositions.

“Skin packaging is a trend in the packaging industry; especially the fresh meat industry is increasingly focusing on this type of packaging. The biggest advantage of skin packaging is that the products are packed without any gas or air flows so that a much longer shelf life is obtained than with traditional MAP packaging. This can be up to 10 days or more!” continues Arjan Hagoort.

With a skin packaging technology the top film is pulled around the product by means of a vacuum, then the top film is formed around the product as a second skin and is sealed to the bottom support for a hermetic closure. Besides, in case of fresh red meat, an additional curing of the meat is achieved in this environment which is beneficial to the quality of the product.

Another positive feature is that the product presentation and branding of these packs have an exclusive appearance. The product remains perfectly in the right place and cannot release any moisture or drip during its shelf life. With a skin package, it is therefore also possible to have vertical or inclined display in the retail shelf.

The most important components of a skin package, besides the food product of course, are:
• a suitable skin film
• a suitable support or tray to contain the product
• a tray sealer and adequate features to perform the packaging cycle

Top Film for skin packaging have been developed by several leading suppliers such as Sealed Air-Cryovac, Bemis, Suedpack and others. Bliston Packaging has developed standard range of skin trays suitable for meat and fish products based on PET, RPET and specific internal liners that allow for high barrier against oxygen and have an easy peel layer. Also Bliston Packaging is proud to maintain a co-operation with Cryovac® in order to create a skin layer on existing PET trays.

Gruppo Fabbri supplies tray sealers suitable for skin packaging technology.



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