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Bliston Packaging and Meulendijks Packaging join forces

Nijkerk / Helmond 6 oktober 2021,

Bliston Packaging (“Bliston”), backed by NewPort Capital (“NewPort”), today announces that it has acquired industry peer Meulendijks Packaging (“Meulendijks”). This step strengthens the position of Meulendijks and Bliston in the packaging industry and is a realization of the growth ambitions of both companies. Han van Melick and Rene Huijbers, current directors and co-shareholders of Meulendijks, will remain involved in the company and will occupy strategic management positions in the new group. Both companies will continue to operate under their own names.

Olaf Dolfin, Managing Director of Bliston, explains: ‘Meulendijks Verpakkingen is a strong family business that has developed into a leading player in the market for plastic packaging solutions for the catering and food industry in the Netherlands and internationally in its more than 60 years of existence. This makes the company highly complementary to the industrial food end-market, where Bliston was originally strongly positioned. The Meulendijks Verpakkingen team also adds an extra layer of specialist production skills and techniques to the group, including (r)PET and PS extrusion and film production in addition to its state-of-the-art thermoform and injection moulding machine park. This enables us to serve our customers even better with sustainable, innovative and high-quality packaging, produced entirely in-house, from (plastic) granules to semi-finished foil products and to final consumer packaging. We are therefore very pleased that Meulendijks Verpakkingen is joining our group and are looking forward to working with Han, Rene and the other employees of Meulendijks.’

Han van Melick, Commercial Director Meulendijks, adds: ‘With the collaboration with Bliston and NewPort, we are at the start of a new phase of the company that was founded by my father-in-law, Antoon Meulendijks in 1959. The potential of the two companies together is huge and gives us the opportunity to integrate Bliston backwards into the value chain and further consolidate the market. We feel a strong match with the company culture, the way of working and the focus on customer, quality and sustainability that are central to both companies. I am therefore very pleased to continue Meulendijks’ business with Rene within the Bliston group.’

Together, the two companies now supply more than 650 million packaging materials to customers at home and abroad each year, produced from the most sustainable and recyclable raw materials. The acquisition is an important step in Bliston’s buy-and-build growth strategy and follows NewPort’s investment in December 2019. ‘From the outset, we have supported Bliston with the implementation of its growth plan and its development towards a backward-integrated producer and developer of innovative packaging. We are therefore very enthusiastic about the collaboration between the two companies and see many opportunities to further accelerate growth in the coming years and realize significant synergies and economies of scale,” concludes Melvin Sie, Partner at NewPort.




About Bliston
Bliston, located in Nijkerk and Lelystad, is a leading manufacturer of thermoform packaging. The company offers plastic packaging in all shapes and sizes. This includes both a wide standard range as well as tailor-made solutions to satisfy client-specific requirements. The Company has flexible production facilities capable to manufacture RPET, PET/PE, PLA, PP, PS and OPS. With new solutions, focussing on Re-use, Re-duce and Re-cycle, Bliston is always on the hunt for opportunities to improve shelf life, sustainability or ease of use. With a BRC+ ISO22000 certification, Bliston adheres to the most stringent international food safety standards. Also see www.bliston.nl

About Meulendijks
Meulendijks Verpakkingen, founded in 1959 and located in Helmond, is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging for the catering and food industry. The company offers its products to wholesalers and distributors, which it supplies within 24 hours in the Benelux and Western Germany. Meulendijks is known for its high quality and innovative applications that are produced in an environmentally responsible manner and can be recycled. By controlling the total production process from granulate to end product in extrusion, thermoforming and injection moulding, the company distinguishes itself in the field of innovation, customization and flexibility, whether it concerns shape, colour or material properties. The modern production location has the highest BRC AA certification and meets the strict safety standards for the food industry. Also see www.meulendijksverpakkingen.nl

About NewPort Capital
NewPort is focused on investments in existing Dutch (often internationally active) mid-market companies in the manufacturing business or (financial) services industries, and the food and packing sector. Typically, these companies have an annual operating profit ranging between € 2 and € 7 million. NewPort realises growth by working together with, and supporting entrepreneurial management teams. Also see www.newport.capital

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