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Bliston represents reliability, with the highest achievable level in safety, quality, shelf life, and presentation.

Innovative, creative packaging

Bliston represents the most innovative and creative types of packaging in the red meat, fish, and chicken industry.

Besides MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), there is also ‘skin packaging’. In this type of packaging, the film is vacuum-sealed around the product, for instance on a PET tray. This ‘second skin’ considerably extends the shelf life.

Skin packaging ensures optimum product presentation and logistical advantages. A must-have for online supermarkets, for instance.

Tailor-made quality

Bliston produces the following at various locations:

  • Standard packaging types (MAP/skin)
  • Custom made packaging
Tailor made from top to bottom

Moulds and dies ready for action and awaiting your orders. As a true thermoform manufacturer, Bliston likes to contribute helpful ideas in its custom work.

If desired, we can modify the packaging to suit the demands of the product. This could include:

  • Cavities (for instance for a sauce)
  • Inserts
  • Absorption base (replacing the traditional absorption pad)
  • Modifications for automatic processing
  • Various colours
  • ‘Smooth wall’ or ribbed
  • etc.

Our pad machine adds absorption pads to the packaging if desired.


The shelf presentation can be perfected using the following custom-designed features, amongst others:

  • compartments
  • colour
  • insert interior
Sushi: a special field within the industry

For an exceptional fresh produce experience, we offer a specially-developed sushi range.

A high-quality packaging line that satisfies a broad range of requirements. Bottom line:

  • Airtight base and lid combinations
  • Ready-to-eat
  • Maximized presentation
  • Broad range (from single sushi to a complete meal)
  • Anti-condensation lids
  • Wholesale packaging possible
  • BRC + IOP accreditatie
Safety takes priority

We satisfy the most stringent international safety standards for the foodstuffs industry.

Our BRC + IOP accreditation guarantees the highest standard in quality management.



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Plastic packaging, trays, and blister packs in all shapes and sizes. Depth, width, colour, radius, cavities, ridges, denesting ridges; everything is tailored to your wishes.


With solutions such as Bee-Magic Tray (BMT®) and ‘skin packaging,’ we are constantly seeking new opportunities to improve shelf life, sustainability, or user convenience.


Worldwide delivery. Own transport within the Netherlands. Internationally equipped for every region. Quick and efficient export administration and letters of credit.


Our sales, purchasing, and quality managers are easy to contact and always closely involved with your production processes.


We always strive for high quality: sturdy materials, effective designs, solid production methods, and faultless logistics.


Bliston satisfies the most stringent international safety standards for the foodstuffs industry.


With two production locations in Nederland and eighteen state-of-the-art thermoform machines, we can offer both speeds and protection power - from innovative designs to implementation in your packaging line.

Attention to detail

Shelf life, presentation, branding, and effects in the retail shelves - these and other details are all addressed. High-quality packaging with attractive presentation. Want a customized base with an embossed logo? No problem.


We produce packaging in materials including PET, PET/PE, PS, OPS and Styrolux. We work with thicknesses from 100 microns.